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Singer Extension Table for Heavy Duty

Singer Extension Table for Heavy Duty

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Introducing the SINGER Heavy Duty Extension Table - Unlock Limitless Creativity!


Expand your sewing area effortlessly with the SINGER Heavy Duty Extension Table. Connect it to your machine, remove the storage compartment, and experience professional results with ease.


It provides extra stability for larger projects and snaps onto the free arm effortlessly. The legs fold away for easy storage. With dimensions of 15 ¼” x 10” (38.8 x 25.4 cm), it offers ample space to work on various projects. Elevate your sewing game today!




  • 4411 from ZHV1924003001
  • 4423 from ZHV192330500
  • 4432 from ZHV1923802001
  • 4452 from ZHV1926209001



  • 4411 Prior ZHV1924003001
  • 4423 Prior ZHV192330500
  • 4432 Prior ZHV1923802001
  • 4452 Prior ZHV1926209001



  • For Electronic Heavy Duty Machines 6805C, 6705C & 6605C
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